Sunday, September 30, 2007

Get your Payment from Western Union

Now, Google Adsense offer Western Union for payment. You can withdraw funds from Western Union a day after your payment date. So you don't need wait for 2-3 weeks for the payment. Your Western Union Quick Cash payment will be made in US dollars. However, at most Western Union agents, you may be able to pick up your payment in your local currency.

This is very usefull for people who live outside USA. But until now payment by Western Union is currently available in the following countries and areas:
* China (Mainland)
* Malaysia
* Pakistan
* Romania
* Philippines
* Argentina
* Chile
* Peru
* Colombia

Someday we hope my country will be include for Western Union.

You can find this information here

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Ask Google Adsense If You Have Some Problem

You want put Adsense on your site but you afriad if your site againts TOS, You see something strange on your Adsense, or you're wondering about something. So would should I do? You can ask people on Adsense forum about your problem and wait the answer if people know the answer. If not so you will not get the answer.

The best solution is ask Google about your problem. There are two email addresses to use, depending on the type of question:

If you have techical questions or concerns:
If you have general question or something about your account:

They'll respond for your problem within a working day. So don't be afraid to ask Google if you have problem with Adsense

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Adsense for Mobile

Great news for you who have site for mobile. Now you can put Adsense Unit on your mobile site. With this feature you can earn more income with Adsense from not just from website but mobile site too.

Here is the article Google AdSense for Mobile unlocks the potential of the mobile advertising market

To get started:
1) Sign in to your account.
2) Select the AdSense Setup tab and click on AdSense for mobile.
3) Follow the instructions to customize your ad unit for AdSense for mobile.