Friday, October 03, 2008

Best color for Google Adsense

Before now I guest that blending Google Adsense color with our site will give best income than the other color. For example if the site background is white, black for font and blue for hyperlink so we choose set color for Adsense with white backgroun and border, black for font and blue for hyperlink. If you use this trick your Adsense code will looks like part of your site and not the ads. So people will enjoy click if the interest with the adsense content. Remember almost all users are lazy to click ads even less banner.

But some people also said that the best color is blue. User will assume if blue is hyperlink and hyperlink can be clicked. Let's compare if the link have black color. User will assume that this is not link it just regulary font not linked to other page. Except they move their mouse to the link.

Some people also said if the best color is catch attention color that different with your site color. For example if your site color is standar you can use red color for your adsense. The catch attention color is more attractive so user will click the adsense.

There are many best color for adsense, which one is the best?

After reading on some blog I make a conclucion that best adsense color that can give more click is different for each site. But there are main choises ie blending, blue, and catch attention.

* Use blending if you want your adsense looks like part of your site.
* Use blue if you want use user minded if blue is link.
* Use catch attention if you want show your adsense to user so they interest to click it.

What is the best for your site can be found by experimental. You can use adsense channel for this.

Create adsense code with your color format choises than give a channel that can be show what color that use are using. For example blue color on site A give channel siteA_blue. Then put your adsense code on your site and let it for several days or weeks.

After several days or weeks change to the other color format or you can combine the color for all adsense on your site. For example use blue for adsense code on sidebar and blending for adsense code on main bar.

Then you can compare earning for each channel and use what color that give you more income to your site for a long time as long as you don't change your site template.

Have fun!