Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Alternate Ads

If you familiar with Adsense, you must know about Alternate Ads. Alternate ads allow you to utilize your ad space in the event that Google is unable to serve targeted ads to your page. By default, Google shows public service ads (PSAs) if no targeted ads are available.

You can create html code and make ads like Adsense but you can decide what ads will be show. Or you can html code for image and the link as destination if people click the link. Then save the html page on dan upload into your domain server. You must put the address where you upload the html page into Adsense code.

You can find how to insert Alternate Ads when you create Adsense code for your site. There is an option call Alternate Ads on More options Menu. You can choose which one you one to choose

* Show public service ads
* Show non-Google ads from another URL
* Fill space with a solid color

If you choose Show public service ads, Google will show you public service ads (PSA) which is not give you money when people click it. If you choose option three you will ask what color you want to use. And on the website if Google is unable to serve targeted ads, Google will show the color that you choice.

So the best choice is option two or Show non-Google ads from another URL

It's doesn't metter if you have domain hosting. But how if you don't have domain hosting? How you can do that if you just have blog like me? :)

The answer is using Alternate Ads service form internet.

One of them is Default Ads. You just need to register and create html page as you want. Get the code and put the url into Google Alternate Ads.

You can also categories your ads and make it show like Adsense Format

It's simple.


ONwebCHECK said...

The problem is that some other ads my have an advertise inside wich is not comform to Google Ads or to osme other!

chilli said...

sounds nice. i think i give it a try. i hope these ads don´t look too ugly

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Well its good when you can make money through it.

seo company said...

Google might not like these ads. Need some really autentic information.

Hardhono said...

This method help me not to show blank area or Adsense public service

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