Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Google Adsense Sandbox Tool

Google Adsense has been the major earning source for many webmasters but one thing Google has always been criticised is that it does not allow the webmasters to know what ads are being displayed on their forum. The problem solved to some extent with Google releasing Google Adsense Preview Tool. But this preview tool was not sufficient for webmaster as its utility was limited. Now a new tool is developed by Amit Aggarwal of Labnol that is far better than the Google Adsense Preview Tool. It has been named as Google Adsense Sandbox Tool v 1.0 which work for all browsers unlike Adsense preview tool which can be used only for IE.

Google Adsense Sandbox Tool v 1.0 give you two options for adsense preview

1. Keywords: You just type in the keywords for which you want to preview Google Adsense in the "Type URL or Keywords" box and click the submit button.

2. URL: This is one of the major tool that Adsense Sandbox has. It allows you to preview all the adsense ads coming on a website whose URL is provided by you in the "Type URL or Keywords" box.

One of the main feature that I liked about Adsense sandbox is that it allows you to view all the ads that are being displayed on your website based on the Ad format such as 728 x 90, 250 x 250 etc. So that you can know what are the ads that will be displayed on choosing a particular ads format.

The other feature of Adsense Sandbox that Google Adsense Preview Tool also have is the geotargetted adsense preview tool. You can set the country in the adsense sandbox tool you wish the result should display. You can also set it to "Auto" which I think sets the country automatically according to your IP address.

One more important thing at the last which I know you might be thinking of. Will the advertisers be charged of this. The answer is Absolutely No. The Adsense Sandbox tool works by taking a random publisher ID so you will not get any earnings from viewing these ads just as in Adsense Preview Tool.

I think this tool could be a revolutionary tool in Adsense as it allows webmasters to have a more detailed looks on the ads being served by Google on their blog. Finally, my heartiest thanks to Amit Aggarwal who provided us with such a great tool.

See Google Adsense Sandbox


keyword popularity tool said...

Wow, I tried out the adsense sandbox tool it is amazing. Great if you are thinking about adding adsense to pages that were once used for affiliate sales only.

Neat find, keep up the good work :)