Thursday, July 26, 2007

How to Promote you Blog

You need to promote your blog in order to get traffic for your blog. If you get more traffic you will get more click on your Adsense and of course you will earn money. So there are something that you need to do to promote your blog.

1. Promote on newspaper.

2. Promote mouth by mouth. Tell your friend about your blog

3. Submit your blog into search engine. Do not waste your time to submit into many search engine. Just submit into major search engine like Google, Yahoo, and Live Search

4. Submit into blog directory, web directory, or RSS Directories as possible.

5. Use forums to put your signature, it will help your website to get some traffic from.

6. Trade links with other sites that are relevant to your website or add a link directory for this purpose. Programs such as Zeus and Axandra might help you.

7. Leave your thoughts and comments on other blogs with your blog url listed in the signature. But make sure that your comments are relevant to the topic and the topics are relevant to your blog.

8. Ping it, every time you make a post. Use Use some services such as ping O Matic