Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Read Google Adsense Report

When you login with your Adsense account then you will see Google Adsense Earning report. The report is simple because it just accumulation your earning today without detail. But you also can see your report detail by days range or channel.

On each report you will see Page impressions, Clicks, Page CTR, Page eCPM, Earnings. What is the meaning of each section?

Page Impressions
The number of Google AdSense blocks that displayed on your sites. This is the total number of Google Adsense blocks on your site. This is not the same as number of page views or number of visitors. For example if you put 3 Adsense block and you only have 1 visitor so your page impressions is 3.

I guess you've already known about this section. Yes, this is number of Adsense that clicked by your visitor.

Page CTR
It's Page Click Thru Rate. Your click times 100% then divide your page impressions. The result is in percent. For example if you click is 21 and page impressions is 1000 so your Page CTR is 2.1. This is important because if you can increase your Page CTR, you can earn more revenue without having to drive more traffic to your site.

Page eCPM
This is effective Cost Per Thousand (M = mill = thousand in Latin) or this can be mean by rate for your ads. You can ignored this because it just important if you want to advertise. For example if I want ads on my site so I wil charge based on my eCPM.

Probably this is the section that people like (include me) because they always see this section when log on Google Adsense. This will report your real earning with Google Adsense.

I hope this posting can help you to understand your Google Adsense report.


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