Friday, January 23, 2009

Do it Now, Not Just Learn

Many people want to get success with Adsense or another earn money program. They search many blog or site that contain usefull information about Adsense or another earn money program. They spent their time to learn it. Not just learn from one blog but form many blogs. If they don't understand so they will go to forum and ask some question on the forum. But not just ask question, they also discuss some interesting topic about how to earn money from internet.

They will learn more more and more and they forget that they don't apply what they learn. They forget to build website as basic tool to earn money from internet. If they have website, they forget to promote their website/blog. They forget to apply about SEO that they've learned before. They forget to update their content too.

If this really happen so how can people earn a lot of money from internet?

You must learn how too get success to earn income from internet but don't waste your time by learn, learn, and learn without action. If you've understood so do it what you learn and start to earn money from internet.

If you've known what should you do with your adsense so do it know, don't just keep on learning but practice now.


francesca said...

I tried learning things through the internet and that is where I thought talks about making money online is crap. Until someone showed me how to do it. From then on, I slowly uncovered ways to earn few bucks online. Now, I am trying to widen my horizons. I research and find ways to expose myself that way I can get into projects that actually make money.

Affiliate programs are no doubt one of the ways to do it.

Michael said...

Very good post..

it is totally true about trying to learn as much as possible and never actually executing anything...I have a big problem of doing this.

I stay on the net doing research instead of learning on the fly, which is something that I need to change.