Thursday, July 23, 2009

How to Receive Payment Using Western Union

I've received adsense payment using western union for several times. What I like to use western union is fast and free to receive money. I can get money only one day after google release my payment. It so fast then using check which usually take 3-4 weeks to receive money.

In order to receive money using western union you need to change payment option to western union. Here is step by step
1. Sign in at
2. Click My Account tab.
3. Click the 'edit' link adjacent to the 'Payment Details' header.
4. Select the Western Union Quick Cash radio button.
5. Click 'Continue'.
6. Click 'Save Changes' to save your payment type.

For your information western union is only available on some country. Make sure that your country is include on the list before you change payment option from check to western union.

You need to submit your name that same as your identify card. This name will be used to pick up money from western union agent

That's all. Just wait until next payment.

On next payment you will see link on payment issue. Click or open the link and you will get MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number) number for western union. Google Adsense also provide how to pick up money on that issued payment page. Use the number to pick up money from your local western union agent. It shuold free to pick up money at western union agent.