Monday, July 20, 2009

One Click for Big Dollar

I am surprise when I checked adsense report last day. I got $5.22 for one click. This is amazing for me because it don't happen to me before. I know this can be happened for every adsense publisher. Even maybe they can get higher commission for one click.

I don't optimize content for earning huge commission on every single click like that. I also don't have secret how to do that. There is no key or secret about this. It just comes from what we call high paying keyword. And maybe my site topic is also high paying keyword too.

But you can't just depend on creating site with high paying keyword only. For example you create blog with topic mesothelioma and posting that related with mesothelioma. You will not suddenly get high commission for every single click. You need update your blog regularly with your own good content and promote it.

It's lucky for me to get $5.22 for one click. But I hope I can get this again and again


answerstash said...

I was also shocked as you are now when i got 10$ for just one click. i hope some day this will happen again to me.