Thursday, January 04, 2007

Instant E-gold

Except Google Adsense, there are several service that will pay you.

Just click a banner or link (on home page), enter your e-gold number and after 30 seconds you will get $0.01

Instant E-gold site' is a system which offers a possibility for it members to earn $823,543.00 in e-gold just for $ 7 with 7 x 7 matrix

Here at Instant E-gold you are in control, simply buy a banner ad or text link and it will be added directly. Buy what you can afford today starting from only one ad. You get only UNIQUE visitors, because 1 click per IP is allowed.

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SEEKBC said...

Is this some sort of pyramid scheme deal? because the way you explain it, it sounds as though it is one! I'm scared to click on that link!!!

Anonymous said...

HOTT!!! Brand New.. Launched 2008