Thursday, January 04, 2007


Except Google Adsense, there are several service that will pay you. Click here or on the banner to join

MyLot will pay you to start or respond discussions with other member. You get 1 cents minimum for each response you post or when someone responds to your topic. Your rating in the site goes up by 1 for each unique discussion you take part in or when someone responds to the discussions started by you for the first time. They pay you based on the quality of the posts you make. so, if you really make a worthy reply, you can expect 5-10 cents for a reply.

Respond to as many discussions as possible and earn. You can make 1-2$ a day if you work for an hour. Try getting some referrals too. If you work really hard, you can earn much more.

They paid by paypal and e-gold, $10 payout.