Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Spend Your Money to Gain Success

You can't gain your success with Google Adsense or another affiliates program without spend your money. It's wrong opinion if you just need to work a little and spend little money to gain success.

If you read some promotion book, it looks you don't need working hard. You just need to build website, put adsense looks like part of your site, and submit it to google, yahoo, or live. After that you just update your site periodically. It seems you aren't necessary to spend a lot of time to update your site. You just need to use small time in a week then let the website work for you.

But you are wrong! The right opinion is you must working to gain your success.

To gain success with Google Adsense, your website must have many visitor. To get more visitor or make people know about your website so you must advertise your website. To advertise so you must spend your money.

There are no real free advertising, include submit your website into google, yahoo, or live. You must spend your money to pay internet connection. It's really free if someone pay your internet connection.

To improve your site and earn more visitor you can buy some service like adwords. To do this you must spend your money too.

Besides that you must learn your site some case like:
- How long your site loading. People don't like to waste time to wait for site finish loading.
- Which adsense (or affiliates) that be liked by your visitor.
- What is the popular content on your site
- Where is your visitor come from
- What function you think will make people visit your site.
- etc

After learn some case you can make your website better than the old one. So many visitor will come to your site. You can buy some useful tools to analize your website.

So the right opinion is you can't gain success with adsense just by spend litlle money and time.


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Sausage Recipes said...

These are some good tips, but as always, make sure you're advertising in done properly, and within the rules of the Google TOS, as there are some advertising that is not allowed.

selena said...

Thanks friend for informative post. It seems that you are very aware about how to promote a site. I am promoting my site but not getting succeess though I work on all type of comments.
I am awaiting for another post.

Svenson take an interest in the world said...

I agree! You have to spend money to make money. Actually, right at the start you have to have your own domain so you have to pay for it. Another thing, in order to gain any traffic or page rank, people have to go to your site and in order to do that, you have to market your site! Market = Money