Monday, January 19, 2009

Two Easiest Ways to Get More Visitor

There are many ways to promote or make your blog popular. You can submit into search engine, submit into directory, using Google Adwords, or advertise on newspaper. Except those ways, there are some easiest ways to promote your blog.

1. Give Comment on Blog
Don't forget to comment on every blog that you've visited. Use url input to submit your blog. Better if you comment on blog that doesn't have nofollow attribute so your blog will be indexed by Google.

2. Create Signature on Forums
This way suitable for you whom like post on forum. Use signature facility to promote your blog. Create brief description to explain your blog so people will interest to click your signature. Don't use image, use text. Google will not index url on image. Better you choose forums that have same topic with your blog topic.

If finding forum that have same topic with your blog, choose big forums that have many active members.

Use that ways you can promote your blog, get knowladge, and make relationships.

Share with us if you have another easiest ways. Have a nice try!


Ron Russell said...

I do comment on each blog I enter, with the exception of those in which I have no common interest--therefore, nothing to say. I have picked up some pointer from your so thanks. I'm new at blogging , but starting to get the hang of it. I'm an old man just trying to get by in what seems a strange new world.

google adsense said...

i tray to do that alwayes but i see it hard when i read it its easy but to do it its hard,thank you any way