Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Adsense Make Money Teenager Blog Stars

There are some folks (older folks of course) who get very upset whenever they come across one of those self-confident Adsense make money teenager stars. And they would probably get a lot more upset if they knew what some of these barely legal kids actually make from Adsense.

Most of these Adsense teenager gurus own blogs covering all sorts of bizarre subjects only that there is nothing bizarre about the volumes of traffic they attract or the money the make so effortlessly.

But the important thing you need to take away with you from this article about this new breed of Adsense make money teenager sensations is how powerful the following business model is for those seeking to make their fortune from Adsense.

You simply start off with a hobby or topic that you can talk about (and hopefully write about) endlessly. The Adsense make money teenager sensations have made it big because they do not try to pretend they are grown ups so they have no problem launching a blog about some car game they love. Or some action-packed Karate-fight-to-the-death video game. You see when you write with passion, readers are quick to note this and you will rapidly find those who are more than willing to share in your passion.

The next step the Adsense make money teenagers take is that somewhere along the way, as they are having the time of their lives with this blog, they register for Adsense and post the code shortly after on their site. They don't want to make their site look too commercial so they "hide" their Adsense ads in some corner and disguise them further with a color that merges with their site. Just the perfect thing to do so that enthusiastic visitors to the site click like crazy on interesting headlines related to what they are drinking in from the site without the word "advertising" ever crossing their minds.

These teenage sensations never worry about keywords that will attract the highest paying Adsense ads or any of that other technical Adsense stuff that other mortals spend so much of their time and money working on.

As older folk struggle to set up dozens of sites to make money from Adsense, this teenager has only one site that is receiving huge, colossal volumes of traffic. (Christopher Kyalo -