Monday, November 13, 2006

Increase AdSense Revenue using Blog

Most of you must have heard about blog or weblog. For those who are new to blog, it's a best way to publish your thought or contents on the Internet, even though you don't know how to build a website.

Today, blog is used by many Internet marketers and website owners for various purposes, among them:

1- To attract repeated visitors. We all know that people look for contents. And if we can provide them with useful contents updated regularly, they'll definitely come back for more. Blog is the best way for self publishing. You don't have to deal with ftp or web design software to get your content published on your blog. If you can use email (such as on Hotmail or Yahoo Mail), publishing your blog is no brainer.

2- To get more traffics. Blog has a very nice feature: RSS. I won't discuss about RSS here. But to make you understand, by having RSS, your contents will be displayed on other websites. Hence, more exposures, and more traffics. To learn more how RSS can get your site listed on Yahoo and major search engines for free, as fast as 3 days, visit this site:

3- To get listed by search engines. Many blogging systems produce search engine friendly pages. This is important because it's easier for search engines to index your website. The more pages indexed on the search engines, the more visitors will come to your website.

The fastest way to publish your blog is by going to You can sign up for your own blog, free of charge. Go to to get your own blog today.

If you're technically challenges, and you can install scripts on your web server, I recommend you to get WordPress at It's a free PHP script.

Now you have your blog. What's next?

Of course, putting your AdSense code. Here's another good resources on blog, RSS & AdSense:

The author of this site has included a bonus video tutorial where he shows you how you can make money with your blogs using Ad Sense.

And as usual, here's a real live example of a blog with AdSense. You can see how I blended AdSense ads in my blog: (Mohd Fairuz -


Bill Edwards said...

Yes will get indexed faster, but your blog can also get deleted fast, without warning, for no reason, so I like hosting my own blogs, using wordpress from my cpanel "fantastico" then get a few good SEO plugins. I then write an article or two, and post a few comments from Digg, in a few days my blog is indexed.

Bill Edwards said...

Yes will get you indexed fast but you can also lose your blog for no reason. I like hosting my own blog. I use wordpress. Installed from my cpanel and fantastico. I write a few articles and submit to directories. Make a few post to my blog from Digg, and in a few days I am indexed.

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